Experiences of Living in Direct Provision: A Case Study of Mount Trechard Accommodation Centre (2019)

Assessing Direct Provision: Doras focuses on the resident perspective, aiming to document experiences at Mount Trenchard. Uncovering unique challenges and common issues to improve the system's understanding.


There are two perspectives to take into consideration when assessing the Direct Provision system, according to Steve Loyal (2011). The first is the perspective of the State but the most important perspective should come from the resident, who after all lives within the system and experiences the lived reality of the system on a daily basis. Accordingly, Doras aimed to document the experiences of current and former residents of Mount Trenchard, according to the testimonies of residents and practitioners who work with them.

Our goal was to highlight the particular issues experienced by residents living in Mount Trenchard. While many of the issues raised by research participants will be common to other Direct Provision centres, we are particularly interested in focusing on those that are unique to Mount Trenchard.