Intercultural Awareness Training

Our workshops foster awareness of diversity, address unconscious bias, and equip participants with tools to promote anti-racism. Join us in creating a more inclusive society.

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Doras have been delivering intercultural awareness and cultural competency training to service providers, community groups, schools and the public for approximately 20 years. We have delivered intercultural awareness training to a range of public service providers and frontline staff, including local authorities and local development companies.

We have also delivered intercultural awareness workshops to a range of primary and secondary schools; library staff; third level education institutions; employers; youth services; healthcare staff; An Garda Síochána; frontline staff working in public services such as social welfare and housing.

Our workshops aim to develop participants’ understanding of interculturalism, considering multiple strains within the field and developing their critically reflective practice.

Through our training, participants will develop:

  • A deeper understanding of intercultural diversity and how it impacts our everyday lives
  • Learn how to approach unconscious bias, prejudice, and racism
  • Feel confident to implement skills and methodologies from the training in your workplace
  • Connect their own behaviour to the wider world through an exploration of anti-racism, combined with learner-centred activities and group work

By the end of the training, participants will be able to engage with the topics of interculturalism and anti-racism and critically assess their own practice using a reflection tool and inherent bias assessment. To inquire about our Intercultural Awareness Training, email