Domestic Violence

The transition from living in Direct Provision to independent accommodation can be a difficult process. Doras provide housing and social welfare support to people seeking accommodation in Limerick city.

paper family in hands

If you become a victim of domestic abuse or violence and you are currently reliant on your abuser's status, you may be able to avail of an independent status, allowing you to remain in the state independent of your abuser.

Doras can assist you with this by engaging with our Migrant Victim Support team, who will be able to give you dedicated 1-1 support in reporting the abuse to local police and collecting supporting documents for a change of status request.

Supporting documents include:

  • Protection orders; Safety Orders or Barring Orders from the Irish Courts
  • Medical Reports
  • Police incident reports
  • A letter from a state body such as the HSE
  • A letter from a domestic violence support organisation

At times, it is not always possible to have all of the required documents. Doras can make representation on your behalf to the Department of Justice for independent status.


Women’s Aid National Freephone Helpline: 1800 341 900. The helpline can access an interpreter in your language and can provide information on support services across Ireland.

Men’s Aid 01554 3811 provides a confidential helpline and support service for men.