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The deadline for the vacancies below has passed. We will have further volunteer positions available in the coming months – please check back if interested.


We’re looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Communications Officer to help us develop our advocacy, campaigning and fundraising capacity. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer, Policy Officer and other staff to our strengthen our human rights and migrant support work. The contract is for 21 hours/week spread over the five weekdays (Mon – Fri), initially for a 6 months period. This may be extended, pending funding, and the number of hours may also be increased if funding allows. The salary will be in line with existing Doras salary scales.

The role will involve designing, implementing and overseeing campaigns aimed at achieving our organisational goals, and will include the following:

  • Writing and circulating press releases/statements on topics related to Doras’s work and areas of campaigning, in collaboration with the CEO;
  • Identifying and pursuing media and other opportunities to promote Doras and its work;
  • Maintaining and monitoring Doras’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), with regular posts and engagement;
  • Responding to external and public queries;
  • Maintaining the Doras website and keeping it updated regularly;
  • Compiling a quarterly newsletter on the organisation’s work and areas of activity;
  • Developing other forms of digital communications such as direct mail outs to keep people informed about our work and campaigns;
  • Designing, producing and distributing information and campaigning resources for use on social media and elsewhere, including posters, infographics, publicity materials, video content, online petitions etc.;
  • Organising and promoting events, in real space and online;
  • Maintaining and ensuring the effective operation of Doras internal communications and information sharing including email, shared file systems, etc.;
  • Compiling an Annual Report and statement of impact each year;
  • Maintaining the organisation’s case management system, ensure its smooth operation and reporting;
  • Ensuring the organisation’s compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Completing returns in accordance with Regulation of Lobbying legislation.

The Communications Officer will also be expected to

  • Effectively represent and market the mission, vision and values of Doras at relevant for a;
  • Attend and contribute to team meetings;
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all work;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of personal information about Doras service users and staff, and adhere to Doras policy and procedure in this regard;
  • Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities, which may arise from time to time and are incidental to the post;
  • Carry out duties and responsibilities with due regard to Equal Opportunities legislation and Doras diversity policies.

The candidate should have a third-level degree qualification, ideally in media, social media, journalism, or an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience. An interest in and understanding of the issues facing asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland is expected, with relevant lived experience being a particular advantage for the role.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience working in a communications related role in an NGO and/or working with the media or in public relations;
  • Experience of campaigning or advocacy on social justice and/or human rights issues;
  • An understanding of the issues facing asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland particularly those who are at risk of social exclusion, poverty and discrimination;
  • A commitment to human rights based approaches, particularly as they affect refugees, asylum seekers and migrants;

They should also have

  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to produce content for a variety of media (print, web, social media);
  • Excellent verbal, presentation, analytical and interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge of website development, IT and graphic design skills, including proficiency in Adobe applications, content management systems, and case management;
  • An understanding of and ability to relate to people from different background and cultures;
  • Good organisational and time management skills, and willing to take a flexible approach to work as required.

Appreciation of the need for confidentiality and integrity is important, as is an ability to work both as a team member and independently, and with a high-level of self-motivation and ability to set and meet goals.


Doras aims to attract volunteers with an interest in human rights and in supporting the migrant and refugee communities we serve. We are seeking a volunteer coordinator to help us with recruiting, selecting, supporting and managing these volunteers. The successful candidate will make a huge contribution to our work, and while the role is itself a voluntary one, all expenses will be covered. A commitment of between three to six hours a week is expected.

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for the recruitment, selection and management of Doras volunteers, including

  • Receiving and responding to volunteer enquiries and applications;
  • Developing and maintaining a volunteer database to match, identify and coordinate volunteers with Doras work;
  • Design and development of a volunteer induction programme to provide appropriate training and supports;
  • Ensuring all volunteers are Garda vetted and maintaining an accurate register of Garda vetting;
  • Identifying new opportunities for volunteers to support our work, in collaboration with the CEO and Doras staff.

Ongoing support to and liaison with volunteers.

An interest in and understanding of the issues facing asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland is expected, with relevant lived experience being a particular advantage for the role.

The following knowledge and experience is desirable:

  • Working in a NGO setting;
  • Experience in a management role;
  • Have an understanding of the issues facing asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland particularly those who are at risk of social exclusion, poverty and discrimination;
  • An understanding and ability to relate to people across cultures;
  • Comfortable working in a busy, dynamic, multi-cultural environment.

ation and ability to set and meet goals.

To apply for either of these positions please email with your CV and a letter outlining your interest in the role and your suitability for it. Don’t forget to say which position you are interested in!

Closing date for applications: 24th September 2021


Doras is an independent non-governmental organisation that works to support and promote the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. We provide a range of services and supports relating to international protection, integration, anti-racism and immigration. Our campaign work is informed by our direct support and focuses on systemic issues that cause inequalities, particularly affecting people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.


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