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We have two exciting short term contracts to offer. If you are interested in either, please email your CV and a cover letter, with the project title in the subject line, to before 5pm on Dec 3rd.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We’re seeking a person with suitable lived and/or professional experience to map the mental health and wellbeing supports available for international protection applicants, refugees, and migrants in the Mid-West; to document their accessibility; to identify gaps, and to make recommendations on how these gaps can be addressed.

The aims of this work are to enable organisations like Doras to be responsive to the mental health needs of rights holders; to challenge and respond to stigma relating to mental health and wellbeing in different cultures; and to inform policy and practice relating to the provision of mental health care to protection applicants, refugees, and migrants.

The project will explore ways to overcome the stigma associated with mental health by engaging with members of ethnic minority communities in order to develop helpful resources for communities, support organisations, and service providers. It will also identify effective referral and signposting mechanisms that can be used. With that in mind, we’re looking for someone with knowledge of mental health services and the particular needs of protection applicants, refugees and migrants who is also well versed in participatory research methods. A human rights-based approach will be adopted in order to strengthen the capacity of rights holders to realise their human rights and claim their entitlements, and of duty-bearers to meet their obligations.

In addition to a final report, the successful candidate will be expected to develop a set of information resources aimed at helping rights holders to access mental health and wellbeing services and supports in the mid-West. These will be produced in a range of languages.

The work is funded by the Bank of Ireland / Community Foundation for Ireland Begin Together Fund 2021, and will be undertaken between December 2021 and March 2022.

Challenging Anti-Migrant Perceptions

We want to enlist the services of a person with suitable lived and/or professional experience to conduct research that will identify anti-migrant myths and stereotypes prevalent in Limerick and lead to the development of responses that challenge these. The work will also include an assessment of how best to approach positive messaging about migrants, as well as the development and production of resources (posters, infographics, etc.) to address negative anti-migrant perceptions and present positive representations.

The resources will be used to foster changes in the attitudes and behaviours that lead to racism, discrimination and social exclusion of migrants, and the work is intended as a launch-pad for a broader piece of work centred on public education and awareness.

The successful candidate will be expected to conduct participatory research to identify anti-migrant myths and stereotypes in Limerick, to develop responses that will challenge these, and to outline positive messaging about migrants. They will work with Doras staff to develop resources (posters, infographics, etc.) to address negative anti-migrant perceptions and present positive representations, as well as workshops to facilitate reflection and discussion. These are intended to cater for a range of audiences including community/youth workers, employers, public service providers, and resident’s associations.

The work is funded by the Communities Integration Fund 2021 and will be undertaken between December 2021 and May 2022.

To apply for either of these positions please email with your CV and a letter outlining your interest in the role and your suitability for it. Don’t forget to say which position you are interested in!

Closing date for applications: 3rd December 2021 (5pm)


Doras is an independent non-governmental organisation that works to support and promote the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. We provide a range of services and supports relating to international protection, integration, anti-racism and immigration. Our campaign work is informed by our direct support and focuses on systemic issues that cause inequalities, particularly affecting people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.


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