Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Limerick: Key Issues & Challenges (2015)

This pioneering research explores case work and street outreach to victims of trafficking and people in prostitution. Findings reveal the complexities, overlaps, and inadequacies in state supports applicable beyond Limerick.

Executive Summary 

This research examines human trafficking and prostitution case-work in Doras Luimní. As of 2011, Doras employs a dedicated anti-trafficking office, and provides direct support and advocacy to victims of trafficking for all types of exploitation. Since June 2012, Doras Luimní has also co-partnered a street outreach project to people in onstreet prostitution in Limerick.

This is the first research of its kind to examine human trafficking or migrant prostitution in Limerick city.

It provides evidence of the complexity of human trafficking, the difficulties in navigating the Irish immigration system and the overlap between trafficking and prostitution. Whilst this study provides a local perspective on human trafficking and prostitution in Limerick, many of the issues raised are relevant at a national level.

This research indicates that:

  • Men and women are affected by human trafficking in Limerick
  • Trafficking takes many forms in Limerick – trafficking for sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced marriage and criminal activity
  • State supports for victims of trafficking are inadequate
  • Many of the issues that affect victims of trafficking also affect people in migrant prostitution

This research provides a snapshot of ten cases presenting to Doras Luimní, and an overview of the street outreach programme to people in prostitution over a twelve month period.