Anti-Rumours Resource Pack (2015)

The Anti-Rumours campaign is a preventative campaign to dispel common myths about migration and to promote the integration of migrants.

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The ‘Anti-Rumours ’ campaign aims to dispel the widespread myths around the topic of immigration. The campaign is a preventative measure against racism that also promotes increased and effective integration of migrants.

As part of the anti-rumours project, we provide evidence based answers to the most common misconceptions about migration.

To compliment this research, we have developed a training resource pack to assist educators; community and youth workers in promoting integration and raising awareness about migrant-related issues, with a focus on challenging the most common myths about migration.

‘The resorce pack’ is suitable for ages 12+ and contains a variety of activities and information, divided into three modules:

Module 1 – Stereotypes and Rumours

Module 2 – Racism, Discrimination and

Power Module 3 – Refugee Protection.

For further resources, including research and evidence-based answers to the most common myths, please visit our dedicated website here: