Migrant Victim Support

Our Migrant Victim Support project provides specialised assistance for migrant and refugee victims of crime, including victims of human trafficking, gender-based violence, domestic abuse and racist crimes.

Migrant Victim Support

The Migrant Victim Support Project was developed to address the current gaps in service provision for victims of crime who have special protection needs. This project works to overcome the significant barriers faced by migrants and refugees with regard to accessing justice and appropriate support services.

All victims of crime need support but we see first hand how migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees often need specific and sometimes more specialised support. They may be victims of crimes such as human trafficking, racism, hate crime, gender-based violence (GBV), human trafficking, labour market exploitation, or modern slavery. Victims may not know where to turn for help and sometimes language, immigration, or cultural barriers are a factor. Certain groups are particularly vulnerable and already dealing with a complex range of challenges, including those who have fled their countries due to war or persecution. It can be extremely difficult for people living in direct provision or other challenging circumstances to seek help or know where to turn. That’s why this project is particularly important.

Our mission is to ensure that wherever the victim may be on their journey of recovery or wherever they are in the country, they have access to the help they need when they need it. A holistic person-centred approach is fundamental to our work. We are committed to offering services with cultural respect, improving community outreach, and advocating for services to be made accessible in different languages and in culturally appropriate ways.

Who is our service for?

All victims of crime, including but not limited to; domestic abuse, sexual crime, gender based violence, human trafficking (sexual exploitation, enforced labour, enforced criminality), hate crime, racism, FGM, fraud, burglary, harassment, cybercrime.

What does our service offer to migrant victims of crime?

  • Information on victims’ rights, redress options and criminal proceedings
  • Specialised psycho-social and integration supports to migrant victims of crime 
  • 24/7 support helpline
  • Accompaniment to report crimes to the Gardaí, court accompaniment, and at integration-related appointments
  • Referral to and from mainstream support services
  • Information resources
  • Immigration and residency application assistance.

Tel: 083 0086391 | Email: mvs@doras.org | Web: www.doras.org/mvs

The initiative is the first of its kind in Ireland and is a response to the growing demand to meet the complex and increasing needs of migrant and refugee victims of crime. It is supported by the Department of Justice.

Download our information booklets

Human Trafficking Download

Domestic, Sexual, & Gender-Based Violence Download

Rights and Entitlements for Victims of Human Trafficking Download

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