Immigration and International Protection

Doras provide information, support and practical assistance to people navigating the immigration and international protection systems in Ireland. Some of the key issues we deal with include applications for family reunification, visas, travel documents, employment permits and applying for international protection. We also advocate for systemic change, in particular to end the system of direct provision, to broaden the right to family reunification and to reform the immigration system.

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The immigration and international protection systems in Ireland can be restrictive, complex to navigate and can cause significant stress to people awaiting decisions on visas, travel documents or asylum claims.

Fear and anxiety associated with awaiting decisions on immigration permission, international protection claims, and family reunification visas is common, which is compounded by systemic delays and a lack of sufficient resources to efficiently and effectively deal with the number of applications received.

Doras work to inform and support people to navigate these systems and to claim their rights, while also strategically advocating for positive change to policy and practice.

A key focus for Doras in this thematic programme area is working to ensure that accommodation and reception conditions for people in the international protection process are adequate and appropriate.

Since our establishment in the year 2000, Doras has called for an end to the system known as Direct Provision and for a new reception system to replace it that respects human rights, dignity, and the best interest of the child. We work with individuals in the international protection process, service providers, communities and decision makers to progress this objective.

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