Health and Wellbeing

Doras breaks barriers to healthcare for migrants and refugees. We address diverse needs, advocate for policy changes, and promote mental health awareness.


Doras work to overcome barriers to accessing healthcare services and to promote positive well-being among people from a migrant and refugee background. In our experience and as evidenced in numerous research studies, people from a migrant and refugee background can have different physical and mental health needs to the majority population as a result of their experiences in their country of origin, during migration, and following their arrival in Ireland.

This can make it challenging for health services to respond effectively. People seeking international protection in particular, are more likely to experience complex trauma and mental illness, which can be exasperated by the difficult living conditions and isolation people face while living in shared accommodation centres following their arrival in Ireland.


Additional barriers to accessing healthcare include:

  • language and cultural barriers
  • lack of information about existing services
  • being unfamiliar with the Irish health system
  • registering for a PPS number and medical card


We use our evidence base from our direct support work to inform policy development and improve practices around the provision of health and well-being supports. Doras regularly engages with relevant health service providers, experts, and other key stakeholders through the Mental Health Reform coalition to ensure that the specific needs of migrants and refugees are considered and addressed.

Our work in the area of health and wellbeing is focused on informing people about their rights and entitlements to healthcare services, implementing initiatives that will promote positive wellbeing, and working with individuals and communities to build capacity to recognise and address mental health issues.

Health and Wellbeing Projects