Children and Youth Camps

Doras organises camps and day trips for children of refugee and migrant families, promoting well-being and creating a sense of belonging.

Mother and children

Supervised recreational programs for children have become increasingly popular during the summer months and other holiday periods. For children of refugee and migrant families, who are often socially and economically excluded, youth camps are particularly important. They promote well-being and create a sense of normality and stability for children and young people who have, in many cases, experienced trauma and displacement.

Doras organises camps and day trips when funding permits. These provide children, who have lived through forced migration or are socially excluded, with enjoyable experiences that they typically wouldn’t have an opportunity to engage in.

They also give children and their families a sense of belonging and go some way to addressing the fact that they are likely to be socially excluded because of where they live (for example, remote Direct Provision centres), poverty, or other barriers faced by the families such as coping with trauma and displacement, language barriers, cultural norms, etc.

The value of camps and day trips go far beyond the excitement and enjoyment had by the young people taking part. Here’s a snippet from the report on a family day trip to Lahinch organised by Doras in 2021.

  • Many mothers of young babies and young children got to have a beautiful day out with other members of their communities that they all really enjoyed.
  • The bus driver and volunteers greatly assisted mothers with their babies, buggies and bags to make it as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible.
  • One volunteer was in the position to converse with two families in their native language.
  • Some families got to see the ocean and experience the beach for the very first time.