Doras invites local politicians to sign up to Anti-Racism Election Protocol

April 17, 2024
anti-racism election protocol

On Tuesday 23rd April, Limerick-based Doras, an NGO promoting the rights of migrants and refugees, will hold a drop in event for local politicians in Limerick City Centre to pledge their commitment to keep racism out of their political campaigns.  

The Anti-Racism Election Protocol is a campaign by the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR), which aims to help keep the upcoming elections free from toxic discourse that misinforms, manipulates voters, sows' division and hatred, and poisons political debate.

John Lannon, Doras CEO, said, “Our communities are more diverse than ever, and we see every day how local people welcome and support the families coming to Ireland to seek refuge. We want to invite our politicians to lead by example and ensure their election campaigns are free from divisive and hateful rhetoric.”

Donnah Vuma, Project Coordinator at Doras, said, “We hope to see as many local politicians as possible coming to our office next Tuesday 23rd to sign the Protocol and pledging their commitment to run their election campaigns with dignity and solidarity, and staying away from discourse that divides rather than bringing our communities together.”

The Limerick Anti-Racism Election Protocol signing event will run from 2-4pm at the Doras office in O’Connell Street on Tuesday 23rd of April, and all politicians and candidates for the Mayoral, local and European elections are encouraged to come and engage with the campaign.