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#MoveTheVulnerableOut: Calls for Vulnerable People to be Moved from IPAS Accommodation Centres during Covid-19 Pandemic


Doras calls on the Department of Justice to move people within HSE Covid-19 risk categories who are in International Protection Accommodation Service (IPAS) accommodation to more appropriate settings immediately.

“As with many of our colleagues in this space around the country, we are extremely concerned for at-risk people living in IPAS accommodation who are unable to socially distance or self-isolate at this time. We ask that Department of Justice would consider securing appropriate accommodation as a matter of great urgency, and are at hand to assist in any way we can, particularly within the Limerick area,” said John Lannon, Doras Director.

These accommodations would ideally be close to a person’s place of residence, to avail of support networks and services which they are already connected to, and close to community organisations who can support them, even if remotely.

“While the government has understandably been under extreme pressure to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe that piloting dedicated spaces for suspected cases of Covid-19 is not an adequate response to the threat posed to people within HSE risk categories. The pro-active movement of all at-risk people to a safe place where they can adhere to HSE guidelines and ‘cocoon’ should be a priority. Taking action now rather than reacting as cases occur could save lives.”

Follow #MoveTheVulnerableOut on Twitter to see a social media campaign launched by a number of migrant representative, support and advocacy organisations, including Doras, calling for vulnerable people in IPAS accommodation to be moved to safer settings.