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Doras is proud to be a partner in the European INTEgreat project.

The project aims to build a stronger integration strategy and ecosystem for migrants and asylum seekers (women, men, families, LGBTQAI+) in Europe through:

  • Analysis of the local contexts: development of an innovative Integration Strategy Framework (ISF).
  • Implementation of 5 pilots in 5 different partnering countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland to test the framework.
  • Development of a methodology to measure the impact of the pilots and creation of exploitable materials;
  • Dissemination of results through a newly created web-based platform and social media.

The pilots will allow to test the novel ISF at urban level through a series of activities in four main areas: healthcare, employment, social cohesion, capacity building and training of both migrants and local citizens. Pilot activities include among others: knowledge sharing through a newly designed web-based platform in English, ISF manuals and toolkits in 4 languages (Italian, Spanish, Greek and English), capacity building to foster third country nationals (TCNs) entrance in the labor market, organization of intercultural events to facilitate inclusion, anti-racism and anti-xenophobia campaigns to lower prejudice and discrimination in local communities, specific training for local citizens in the private and public sector (healthcare, police force) to reduce cultural differences and the gap between migrants and service offerings. The establishment of multi-stakeholder partnerships at EU level will enable long-term and large-scale change aligned with previous AMIF projects (e.g. INTEGRA). The expected impact is the enhancement of migration policies through the creation of an innovative integration strategy applicable at EU level that will facilitate a more harmonious inclusion of migrants in society.

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