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Refugee Resettlement Toolkit


What It Is and Who It’s For
It is hoped that by sharing the resources and insights gathered through Doras Luimní’s 20 years of work in the migration sector, including almost 5 years in Refugee Resettlement in Ireland, this Toolkit will assist people working in Refugee Resettlement or Community Sponsorship. It is designed to be a small support to support-workers and community sponsorship groups by sharing knowledge and resources gathered by Doras staff. It is hoped that other resettlement practitioners may be able to develop this resource and share their own wealth of experience and knowledge.

About This Toolkit
This Toolkit looks broadly at thematic issues, containing ‘go to’ resources ready to print and use. It is hoped that this will be a useful, practical document with printable materials and will save time spent in research and development. These resources have been tried, tested, reviewed and developed across three Doras Luimní refugee resettlements in Laois (2015-2016), Limerick (2017-2018) and Wexford (2017-2019).

Refugee Resettlement Toolkit

Doras Refugee Resettlement Toolkit (2020)

You can access and download each section with it’s corresponding set of resources by clicking on the images below. Please get in touch with any questions or comments you have about the Resettlement Toolkit.

Section 4 –  Key Terms

Section 5 – Pre-Arrival and Planning

Section 6 – Building Cultural Awareness

Section 7 – Supporting Volunteers

Section 8 – Interpretation

Section 9 – Post Arrival and Care Planning

Section 10 – Language Supports

Section 11 – Active Citizenship and Volunteering

Section 12 – Access to Information

Section 13 – Integration/Inclusion and Awareness Raising

Section 14 – Accommodation

Section 15 – Finances and Money Management

Section 16 – Health and Wellbeing

Section 17 – Supporting Children and Young People

Section 18 – Supporting Women

Section 19 – Supporting LGBT+ People

Section 20 – Supporting Older People

Section 21 – Supporting People with Disabilities

Section 22 – Supporting Iraqi and Kurdish People

Section 23 – Adult Education and Training

Section 24 – Employment and Enterprise

Section 25 – Driving in Ireland

Section 26 – Exit Planning

Section 27 – Further Reading

Section 28 – Recommendations