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Human Rights Day

PrintHuman Rights Day is marked each year on 10th December, which aims to highlight and celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

This year, Human Rights Day calls on people around the world to protect human rights by standing with and speaking out for people who experience unfair treatment and prejudice.

Leonie Kerins, Director of Doras Luimnί, said “Intolerance and prejudice has become a common feature of 2016 and many people are fearful about the direction the world is heading. Human Rights Day is an opportunity to remind people that we all have a responsibility to protect and uphold the human rights of others. The actions we take for others can and do make a real difference.”

Kerins continued “There are countless ways for people to help uphold the rights of others such as challenging negative stereotypes or prejudice in the media or amongst family and friends; speaking up when someone is treated differently because of who they are. Encourage and engage in open and honest debate about the issues that are dividing our communities. Civic action is needed now more than ever.”

“The people with whom we work are amongst the most vulnerable. Asylum seekers in particular face enormous challenges but they can be fearful of speaking out. We are calling on local communities to stand with and speak out for people who often feel that they do not have a voice.”

“Human rights cannot be upheld without the help of people in local communities, working together to fight for justice.”



  • Human Rights Day is celebrated each year on 10th December, marking the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948.
  • For more information on the 2016 Human Rights Day actions by the UN, see here: Stand Up for Human Rights
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be accessed here: UDHR
  • Further information about Human Rights Day and the Office of the High Commissioner can be found here: OHCHR
  • Information on Doras Luimnί’s campaign to challenge negative misconceptions about immigration and integration can be found here: Anti-Rumours campaign

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