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Doras launches the Refugee Resettlement Toolkit with support from UNHCR on World Refugee Day


Doras are pleased to announce the launch of their Refugee Resettlement Toolkit (RRT), a free resource for people working in integration, resettlement and community sponsorship, on World Refugee Day, 20th June 2020.

“We are thrilled to launch this resource for community actors,” said John Lannon, Doras CEO, “which we hope compliments the commitment to develop new models of community engagement outlined in the recent draft programme for government. These have been challenging times in the past few months, and living in a new country compounds that, so it is important to hit the ground running when things begin going back to what a new normal may be. We hope the Refugee Resettlement Toolkit can help towards that.”

Informed by Doras’ experience of resettlement projects in Laois, Wexford and Limerick since 2015, the Refugee Resettlement Toolkit contains practical downloadable resources for resettlement and community sponsorship staff or volunteers.

Community Picnic in Wexford. Credit:Philip Knight

 “Although there has been a resettlement programme in Ireland since the late 90s,” said Enda O’Neill, Head of Office, UNHRC Ireland, “there are in fact few examples of resettlement case workers documenting their experiences and lessons learnt. That’s why UNHCR was delighted to support this project which will prove an invaluable support tool for those working to help welcome and support refugees in their community. “

Written and compiled by resettlement expert Hannah Culkin, with financial support from UNHCR Ireland, the RRT provides guidance on a broad range of topics, for example; pre-arrival planning, designing a volunteer programme, health and wellbeing, supporting children, and financial management. The Toolkit will be shared by Doras and UNHCR with refugee resettlement workers and Community Sponsorship groups currently operating in Ireland.

“With almost 3,000 people set to be resettled between now and 2023 as part of the second phase of the Irish Refugee Resettlement Programme (IRPP),” said Lannon, “we hope that this will prove to be useful in helping to ensure that new communities feel that they can belong in Ireland.”

Click here to access or download the Refugee Resettlement Toolkit.