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Doras General Election 2020 Manifesto


Doras works to uphold the human rights of asylum seekers, refugees and everyone from a migrant background. We call on any incoming government to uphold not only their human rights, but the human rights of everyone in Ireland.
Through our work we have identified several key areas of concern, many of which are related to the International Protection system and Direct Provision. We call on all candidates in the 2020 General Election to support these calls, and we ask any individual or party going into government to commit to addressing them as soon as possible. We call on any new government to work towards:

Improving the International Protection process
• Improving waiting times – Ensure that measures are taken to reduce time spent waiting for a first decision, so that people do not wait what is often years for a decision.
Improving interview methods – Cease to conduct International Protection Application interviews via Skype, giving everyone an equal and fair chance to make their claim.
• Improving right to work requirements – Reduce the minimum time before being able to apply for Labour Market Access Permission, eliminate the first instance condition, allowing both people who are newly arrived/have been in Ireland for longer to be empowered to take control of their lives.
• Improving access to third-level education – Eliminate the requirement to be in the Irish education system for at least three years to access Irish/EU rates and grants for third level education.
• The introduction of vulnerability assessments – Introduce assessments of vulnerability to ensure that people are received appropriately and not put at further risk.
The immediate cessation of document checks at arrival gates in Irish airports. An act which prevents people from even having the chance to apply for asylum.

Improving Reception
• Ensuring that alternatives to current system are sought and implemented as soon as possible. Key requirements for an alternative should include elements of independent living conditions, managed on a not-for-profit basis.
Ensuring that minimum standards are met in all forms of accommodation for International Protection Applicants immediately.
• Ensuring that emergency accommodation is temporary, with International Protection Applicants spending no more than 6 months accommodated in them. The minimum standards for Direct Provision Centres should applyand be implemented in all Emergency Accommodation Centres immediately.

Implementing Appropriate Legislation
The introduction and implementation of adequate hate crime & hate speech legislation to protect people from being targeted for being who they are.
• Reintroduction of more compassionate Family Reunification Rightsmhich recognise that non-immediate family members may be the closest relatives some people have.

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