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Afghan Admissions Programme

The Afghan Admission Programme is now closed. Applicants are due to be notified and Doras remains active in seeking updates from the relevant authorities.

Decisions on your application?  

You will get a letter telling you the outcome of your application. If you get a positive decision, your family member must then apply for a visa to come to Ireland. The letter will have more details about what to do next.
If the decision is negative, you can appeal. More details about the appeals process will be available later.

More information see:
The Afghan Admission Programme Information Page – Immigration Service Delivery (

After your family arrive?

Once your family is here, all family members who are aged 16 and over must register and get an Irish Residence Permit. They will get a Stamp 4 permission. This means that they can work without an employment permit. They will also have similar rights in Ireland regarding access to healthcare and education as Irish citizens.

You can email specific queries to

Immigration Service Delivery

Department of Justice
AAP Applications
13 – 14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2

If you need support with your application please contact us and we can help.