Doras operates under the leadership of its CEO and non-executive Board of Directors, with dedicated managers providing essential support across the organisation.

Doras is a registered charity and is managed by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who reports to a non-executive Board of Directors. The Board sets the organisation’s strategic direction, provides financial oversight, manages risk, oversees policy, and monitors other key areas through monthly meetings that are attended by the CEO. Board decision making and oversight is supported by four sub committees: Finance, Audit and Risk; Human Resources; Policy; and Governance.

Operationally, the CEO is supported by a Finance and Operations Manager who has responsibility for the organisation’s financial management and day to day operations, a Direct Support Manager who runs the direct support service, and Policy and Programmes Manager who oversees our policy work and is responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of our programmes.

As an organisation, Doras is in compliance with the Charities Governance Code. This outlines the minimum standards that should be met to effectively manage and control the organisation.

The annual accounts of the organisation are prepared in accordance with the Charities SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) and are audited and published annually.

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Strategic Plan 2023-2025 Cover

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025 recognises the need to prioritise people in the most marginalised and vulnerable situations who face the biggest barriers to realising their rights. 

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Images and Messages

Use of Images and Messages

Doras is committed to the values of the Dóchas Code of Conduct for Images and Messages, including a belief in the equality of all people and acceptance of the need to promote fairness, solidarity, and justice.

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