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Clear the Asylum Backlog

**Campaign archive – 2014 to 2016**

Doras Luimní and the Irish Refugee Council are proposing a one-off scheme to clear the backlog of cases in the asylum system, before a single protection procedure is introduced.


The human and financial costs of the current Direct Provision system cannot be resolved by ongoing lengthy deliberation of individual cases. It is better to draw a line under the current system whilst working towards a new system that better provides for the needs of people who come to Ireland seeking asylum.

For more information, read our full proposal and download the Shortened Informational Flyer.

Would you like to get Involved?

If you would like to support this campaign, complete the contact form below to send a message to the Minister for Justice, asking her to take action on this proposal.

Alternatively, write to the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald TD, at the Department of Justice, 94 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 and let her know that you want her to allow people in the current system to stay in the country (click to download editable letter template).

Sample letter to the Minister for Justice

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you to ask you and the Irish Government to do the right thing by the 4,302 men, women and children who have been failed by our current asylum system. As you plan to bring in a new protection system, people already in the system need to know that they won’t be forgotten. That can only be done by giving them the right to live in Ireland, to get on with their lives. To do anything else would be a denial of the damage that has been caused to them and would put the blame on them for a system they did not create. It is time to draw a line under the old system.

That is why I support the Irish Refugee Council & Doras Luimní’s scheme to clear the asylum backlog and I strongly urge you to act upon it.

Yours sincerely,