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Family Reunification – EU Citizens

EU citizens have the right to be accompanied by their non-EEA family members when they move to another EU Member State or return to their own country having resided in another EU Member State. The application procedure for family reunification depends on whether they are in the State already (possibly on a different type of immigration permission) or if they are outside the State. If the applicant is outside the State they may need a visa to enter Ireland. In all applications where the applicant is applying on the basis of being the spouse or partner of an EU national, the Department of Justice and Equality will need to be satisfied that the relationship is genuine, duly attested, and subsisting.

Who can apply for Family Reunification?

Family Members of EU Citizen Workers Or Business People Requirements

  • A valid passport.
  • Document attesting the existence of a family relationship.
  • Evidence of EU citizen’s residence and employment in Ireland.
  • If in a relationship but not married, INIS will require evidence of the duration of the (proof of two years cohabitation prior to making an application).
  • If dependent family member, INIS may requires evidence of dependency (being a member of the household and/or proof of serious health grounds which strictly require the personal care of the family member).

EU Citizen Students

Additional to requirements listed:

  • Proof of enrolment in a course of study or vocational training.
  • Proof of financial independence and ability to support their spouse/partner and their dependants.
  • Comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family members.

Non-Economically Active EU Citizens

Additional to requirements listed:

  • Proof of financial independence and ability to support their spouse/partner and their dependants
  • Comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family members.

Who can be applied for and how?

Non-Visa Required Family Members:
Must enter Ireland legally first
After arrival, apply for residency in the State as the family member of an EU national (completion of EU1 application)

Visa Required Family Members
Need to apply for a visa online prior to entering Ireland.
Once in Ireland, completion of EU1 application required

Completing the EU1 application

Original Documents:
Certain specified documents (including passports and marriage certificates) will continue to be required as original documents. These documents will now be individually noted as original in the explanatory leaflets and in any request letters issued by this office.

All other documents should now be submitted as photocopies only. Originals should not be submitted for these documents. It is always advisable to send the application by registered post.

How long does it take?
The application process generally takes about six months, as is set out in EU regulations.

What happens after I submit application?

After completion and submission of application, the EU Treaty Rights Section will issue an acknowledgement of the application along with both passports. The applicant may then go to the GNIB (if in Dublin) or their nearest Garda Immigration Officer (if living outside Dublin) and seek to be registered and issued with a certificate of registration (GNIB card). Applicants awaiting a decision on an application of this nature are issued with a six month Stamp 4 by the GNIB. This Stamp 4 allows the applicant to freely access the labour market or to be self-employed.


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  • Family members of EU Citizen Workers or Business people
  • EU Citizen Students
  • Non-economically Active EU Citizens


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