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Myth #1: "Migrants are only here for social welfare"

Migrants come to Ireland for many reasons including employment prospects and a better way of life, just like the Irish who emigrated to the UK, North America and Australia. Almost 80% of migrants in Limerick are of working age (15 – 65 years) and are highly educated – 60% of non-Irish nationals have completed third-level education.

Asylum seekers come to Ireland as they fear persecution in their home country. Asylum seekers do not receive social welfare and they are not permitted to work (See Myth #3 for more information).

Migrant workers are only entitled to claim Jobseeker’s Benefit if they have paid sufficient PRSI contributions through employment in Ireland. They are only entitled to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance if they can prove that they have lived in Ireland for some time and that they intend to stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

workforce participation85% of people on the Live Register in Limerick are Irish nationals. Less than 4% were from outside the EU and 11% were from within the EU. Non-Irish nationals also have a work force participation rate of 73%, much higher than the 57% rate of Irish nationals.

While some migrant workers come to Ireland for employment, many have stayed for other reasons, such as family or way of life. Since 2008, over 80,000 people from over 100 countries nationwide became new Irish citizens. They have settled here and have made Ireland their home.

Migrant workers are also far more likely to establish businesses, therefore creating jobs rather than stealing them!